The Cost of Travel Myth- Busted

If there's one question we've been asked more than any other, and by almost everyone we know it's this: “How are you able to afford full time travel?” Easy, you're doing it wrong. Actually, it's not quite that simple but the way we travel and what we do when we travel and what we want to accomplish at each destination is probably different from what you have in your head, so today we'll give you a peek behind the curtain of some of what we do that is probably different from what you're thinking. If you find any of these things helpful to you, feel free to employ and join us on the road! Even if you're traveling short term, keep reading; it WILL apply.

Where Do You Get Your Money?

Fair question, simple answer: we work. Yes, we really do, every day, in fact, about 2 1/2 hours in the morning then the day is ours from 10am on. We have projects we are doing in web development, database creation and collection, and various other things for other people that earn a bit of money. We also have passive monthly rental income. Oh, and we've started a business. It's called Travels with Chelsea and you're reading it right now. There are multiple ways of earning a living through owning your own travel lifestyle business but we'll save that for another day. Just know you CAN earn money on the road as long as you own as laptop and have a wifi connection. For example, I'm writing this article on the train from Cardiff to London with a beer and Christine and the Queens blasting in my ear. Here, I'll show you:


How meta is that?

Yeah, But I Work Full Time and Can Barely Afford My Two Week Vacation

Ah, yes, the ole $3,000 for a week somewhere vacation. That's how most people do it and that's great but you end up needing a vacation from your vacation by the time you return home. We don't live like that. We're travelers, not tourists. Once, we went to Ireland with another friend who- let's just say- doesn't travel like we do. We rented a car, we ticked off every bucket list item there was, ate out every meal, and returned from that trip feeling no more fond of Ireland than when we started. It was a hostage situation and they took all our money. It was the first time in a long time I was forced to travel that way, and the last time ever.

If you take into account what you pay for rent or mortgage, your household bills, various insurances, etc...well, we spend less than that on travel per month. So we pay rent, we just do it somewhere different every month, the bills are baked in, we cook most of our meals at home just like normal people (mainly because we prefer our own food to eating out but also it saves money), and our transport costs are roughly what you pay for the same thing, usually less. So we wouldn't know what a $3,000 vacation is, we don't spend half that in a month!

Bottom line is this: where there is a will there is a way. When you make travel a priority, well, it's your priority. Whatever you spend your time and money doing right now, whether you like it or not, that's your priority. And then it gets simple: if you don't like what you're spending your time and money on, you can absolutely change it. It doesn't matter if it's debt or a job you think you can't leave or a house that's upside down or even kids (We know DOZENS of families who live their entire lives on the road...with small children! They love it and so do the kids!).

We've made travel the priority, the experience the central focus. It isn't always easy with a dog but we wouldn't go without her, she wouldn't dare want us to leave her, and or priorities feel completely aligned. Over the next year or so we'll be diving more in depth into how to create the life you really want, in specifics, so stay tuned!