Chelsea's Local Heroes- Barbara Esquivel, Animal Rescuer

This month we feature a truly remarkable human doing truly remarkable things.  Barbara Esquivel, known to her friends as simply "Barb," has been rescuing, fostering, and rehoming dogs and cats in the Dallas area since 2012.  What began as a part-time volunteer effort to help animals who need it most became a passion that led to management level leadership of PAWS in the City, Dallas.  Barb's efforts hold a special place in my heart.  As you know, Chelsea is a rescue, and while purchasing a breed dog or cat is absolutely fantastic, there is no more rewarding experience than knowing you absolutely have saved an animal from certain death.  Barb does this every day.  And stay tuned, at the end of this interview is information on how you can support animal rescue.

The rules are simple:  we ask the same 8 questions to each local hero and are always fascinated with the answers.  So without further ado, here's Barb...

1. What do you do?

I am the board secretary for an animal rescue group in Dallas TX, Paws in the City.

2. What was that spark that ignited in your head that made you say "I want to do this?"

I have loved animals all my life and when I was looking for something to do to benefit my community I found Paws in the City on a website called Volunteer Org.

3. What part of the reality of this is different from your vision?

It’s not all puppies and kittens.  It’s a lot of people work and business work.  I am kept really busy just taking care of mail, the budget, and making sure we have plenty of money in the bank to do what we do.

4. What unexpected happiness have you gotten from this?

Knowing that my behind the scenes work helps animals find loving homes.

5. Where does your vision see this going?

It’s a never ending process.  I just hope that my work inspires the people around me to give back in ways that are meaningful to their own lives.

6. Everyone has a super power.  What is yours?  

I have been thinking about this question a lot and I don’t know if I have a super power.  I just love animals and want them to be happy.

7. If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing? 

I would be working with animals somehow. 

8.  You have one statement to inspire people to live their dreams like you have chosen to. What is it?  

Every little bit helps.  Every non-profit volunteer group needs all kinds of help from phone calls to computer work to physical work.  You can find your niche to give back, you just have to do it. 

You can donate to PAWS in the City, Dallas or find your local animal rescue (here UK).  You can also volunteer your time by checking it out here. Your money and your time are not wasted.  Ever. Barb will thank you.  Chelsea will thank you.  An animal whose life you saved will thank you.  And we thank you...