You Can't Get There From Here- Getting From Slovenia to Italy

Getting to Ljubljana (with a dog) from the UK was relatively easy. Trying to travel from Ljubljana to Verona, Italy (with a dog) proved to be a bit more difficult. Travelling to other countries bordering Slovenia by train is no problem at all.

At the time of writing there is no direct train service between Slovenia and Italy, however it is possible to get a daily, weekday train from Ljubljana to Villa Opicina (the Italian border town), then get a tram or bus to Trieste, from there a train to Venice, to then get the train to Verona, which is great if you don't have to consider a dog. We looked at getting an intercity bus, sadly dogs are not permitted to travel on these. We thought about hiring a car for the day, which throws up more costs than we could cope with! After searching the internet for options how to get there, I found a company called Daytrip.   I was reluctant at first to look, thinking it would be way out of our price range, however I was surprised. A door to door car, with a driver, from Ljubljana to Verona, which takes 4 hours, that will take a dog, costs 238 Euros. Considering it cost almost 150 Euros to get Chelsea here by train, not including the human train fares, a door to door car service seems worth it to us. Travelling on a budget is what we aim for, occasionally we may get thrown a curved ball that forces us to adjust certain things, so adjust we do.

Getting Around

We try to walk or use public transport whenever we can. Getting to see places beyond Ljubljana was further than we could walk, buses are bound by timetables and we didn't investigate trains. The best option for us, with Chelsea, was to hire a car. There are many car hire companies to choose from. For six days we had a new, air conditioned vehicle to get around. When driving in Europe you are required to purchase a Vingnette for vehicles, this covers the toll charges on the main highways and crossing the borders to other countries. The weekly cost is 30 Euros or 60 Euros for one month- click here to see more. The Vignette is however included in the cost of car hire. Most cities now offer a bicycle rental scheme. Ljubljana has Bicike (LJ), with a registration cost of 1 Euro per week, This scheme has 58 stations around the city. All you need to do is make sure the bike is returned to a docking station within 60 minutes and it's free. Ljubljana is an extremely bicycle friendly place with no end of cycle paths.

Beware of using taxis at Airports, they can cost double the price of finding a local taxi firm - in Ljubljana we found Cammeo Taxi, which is, according to our Air BnB host, good value.

Most cities and town have tourist information offices that can help you out with local issues or offer advice. There is a good online guide called In Your Pocket that can offer advice and information that covers many European cities.