Culinary Delights From Our Year Of Travel In 2018

February 2018 was official the start of our travel, though we’d actually been on the road since late 2017. Either way, it's a year, which seems impossible, although looking back through photos taken and blogs written, we've covered a few thousand miles, visited many places, eaten a lot of food and sampled quite a few beers! We'd like to share of few of our favourite culinary moments with you.

North Wales, in the area of Snowdonia was our first adventure. We had a lovely AirBnB in a small village. The Welsh have quite a few traditional foods, one well known one being the welsh cake, of which we sampled a fair few. We met Theresa in a place called Pontypridd in South Wales, who makes them everyday to sell from her stall at the indoor market. They are delicious when still warm, although just as tasty cold. Have a go at making them yourselves – recipe here

We were looking forward to being in Slovenia and trying the food. It's difficult to put it in a category as it has influences from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy, which makes for some interesting food. The national cake is a kremsnita (cream slice), creamy; vanilla goodness in every bite and easy to make – recipe here.

The lagers produced in Slovenia are Lasko and Union. Both are good, although a large glass of Union can be bought for around €2, which makes it good value! We preferred Lasko, which set us back a whopping €2,50.

After Slovenia came Italy, where we had a lovely month in Verona and Veneto. The food in Italy has simple ingredients but tastes amazing. The tomatoes are the best I've ever tasted. We cooked most of our own meals here: lots of salads, pasta dishes and the occasional pizza and not forgetting the excellent gelato. The area of Veneto, of which Verona is part, is particularly well known for the dessert tiramisu, this translates as 'pick me up'. We did sample some for research purposes and have a recipe for you to try here.

Italian's enjoying have an aperitif before dinner- we adopted this civil custom and enjoyed a few pre-dinner Aperol Spritz cocktails during our month. It's easy to make – recipe here.

The best gelato in Verona from Cadamora

The best gelato in Verona from Cadamora

We left Italy to move on to Austria, where we spent a month exploring Vienna. Food here is heavily influenced by Germany, so lots of sausage, sauerkraut and schnitzel to be found here. The quality of the sauerkraut was excellent and combined with lovely pork schnitzel, it was a good meal. Traditionally, veal was used in wiener schnitzel, although pork is now the preference, which we agree with. Try making it for yourself – recipe here.

The most well known beer in Austria is Gösser, and we enjoyed a few dozen of these German-style lagers.

Our final month of 2018 was spent in Cologne, Germany. We planned this to coincide with the Christmas Markets. The wonderful aromas of Glühwein and all kinds of wurst (sausage) waft around the air and make it very tempting. Another favourite for Germans are kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes) and these are popular at the markets. Another easy recipe for you to try here.

Bratwurst & Fries - yummy!

Bratwurst & Fries - yummy!

Cologne brews it's own type of beer called Kölsch. Each brauhaus (brewery) in Cologne produces its own Kölsch, so with over 180, there are a lot to try!

Trying the local food is important to us. We enjoy making the dishes we try ourselves and hope you feel inspired to try them too. If you have any regional food you've experienced on your travels, we'd love to hear about it.