Time To Shake Off Winter Blues- Spring Activities In UK

It's February, days are lengthening, it feels like things are starting to wake and warm up. The fields near us are filled with expectant ewes chewing on the best pasture, because the months of March and April are peak lambing season in the UK and one of our favourite times of the year.

Shaking off Winter and getting out in the countryside, city, or neighbourhood, having a good walk (preferably with a dog) is one of the best feelings. All over the northern hemisphere, as it gets slightly warmer, things are coming to life with bluebells, snowdrops, crocus and daffodils blooming colourful bursts, brightening the landscape. Seeing newborn lambs in the fields is, for us, a joyful experience. We've been lucky enough on a few hikes to see a few lambs that have just been born, not yet standing and being encouraged to by their Mum. We’ve even witnessed a few births-in-progress, and it's truly feels a privilege to see them.

Wherever you are in the top half of the planet, signs of Spring are beginning to spring up if you look hard enough. Here we offer our personal favourites and a few ideas for you to “wake up” from your winter blues.

If you a planning a trip to the UK and want to avoid the busiest time in Summer, consider travelling in Spring. Although the weather isn’t guaranteed (we are talking about Britain here!) and can sometimes snow in Springtime, generally it starts getting warmer, with more hours of daylight to enjoy the great outdoors.

Things To Do & Places To Visit Around The UK

Snowdrop walks and gardens are a popular event here, so check out the website to see if you there is one near you or the place you are visiting. In Texas the bluebells will soon be appearing, in Colorado the columbines are about to show themselves, in Holland it’s nearly tulip season. Wherever you are, the season shows itself with new life on trees and plants, so extra attention on your next walk- even to catch your ride to work- see if you can spot the birth pangs of spring.


Visiting a Farm Park is a great way to see animals, some have a hands on approach encouraging visitors to help with feeding and grooming. Virtually everywhere we’ve checked out, including right in the hearts of large cities, has some form of farm park or petting zoo, and it is here that new life shows itself most vividly. Swollen bellies and waxing utters are sure signs that young ones will appear soon and it’s always exciting to visit the farms to see the nesting practices of various farm animals, not to mention all the new babies! See here for a few suggestions

In the UK we are members of the National Trust, paying an annual subscription. It is the largest private landowner in the UK, with 985 square miles of mostly countryside, alongside places of historic interest of natural beauty, you should be able to find something to visit that appeals to you! If you want to visit a National Trust property on your visit check out their website to see what is near you. There are admission prices or car parking fees to certain NT places if you are not a member.

The UK has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery. The Wales Coast Path is the only one in the world that covers it's entire coast. We walked some of it during our stay in North Wales last year. In 2020, when the England Coast Path is opened it will cover the country’s entire seashore and be one of the world’s longest walking routes – so another reason to get out and enjoy some of the things this country has to offer. There are plenty of circular walks to try out too. Check out the links above if you would like to get out for a hike (or just a walk) in the British Countryside when visiting.

Getting up at first light to catch the first tentative calls of the dawn chorus, building to a mighty crescendo, is one of life’s great experiences. Of course you can hear it by simply stepping outside your front door, but there are numerous organised dawn chorus walks, including in cities – London has many. The first Sunday of May is International Dawn Chorus Day, with a host of events planned up and down the country. Have a look here for 2019 awareness days in the UK.

Geocaching is a free, fun way to explore new places or take a different look at places you already know. It's a bit like a high tec treasure hunting that anyone can join in. All you need is GPS enabled phone or handheld GPS device. Discover more about it here and check out UK sites.

Botanic Gardens are always worth a visit. Kew Gardens in Richmond, London are probably the most well know and also now dedicated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chelsea Physic, London is relatively small compared to Kew, but is worth a visit. The University of Oxford Botanic Gardens is the oldest in UK and one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world, founded in 1621. These places usually have great cafes and restaurants, serving produce that has been grown on site.

These a just a few suggestions to help you get out and experience nature , take in some stunning views, take great photos and make lasting memories of your visit.

Mamma & child in North Wales

Mamma & child in North Wales