For Your Ears

JBL Flip4 Mobile Speaker
Power and very high quality sound in a small pill, portable with a very long charge life here

Oontz Angle Mobile Speaker
Power and high quality sound in a smaller, lighter angled package, portable with a very long charge life  here

For Your Eyes

Netflix, Amazon Prime, your favourite television stations and shows, all available in one small, portable stick that fits in your pocket here

Amazon Firestick
Netflix, Amazon Prime, your favourite television stations and shows, all available in one small, portable stick that fits in your pocket here

Kindle e-Reader
Library on the go, books at your fingertip without all the weight and space  here 

To Keep Them CLean & Running

iPhone Multi-Pack Charging Cords
3 sizes for ultimate reach without tangles here

Lightning USB Charging Cables
Non-iPhone device charging cord in varying sizes here

Anker Portable Charger
Hours of charge and light on the pack, carry anywhere and always be charged here

Multi-Country Outlet Adaptor
Converts to any country from any country, light, includes 2 USB charge outlets here

Portable Tripod for Smartphone
We don’t have much space so these lightweight, tripods offer everything we need in portability, secure grip, and flexibility to wrap around or stand on anything in the area; we LOVE it  here

Smartphone Shutter Remote Control
When you want selfies that don’t show your short arm length, or you have a shutter length issue that would be ruined by touching the shutter button, look no further than this little gadget here to solve your problems here

Smartphone Protective Cover w/ Kickstand
We’re always dropping & banging our phones so we need the protection, but we’re also using them as TV’s and movie theaters on trains and planes and homes so the low profile kickstand is a must. Click here then find your size here

Apparel/Gear for All

For Your Feet

Smart Wool Socks
Stay warm, dry, and blister-resistant in these comfortable socks; we wear them daily here

Merrell Hiking Shoes
We don’t tour in anything else. It’s not only comfortable for long, technical heights, but is comfy in the city, or in the mud, & they look just fine on a casual night on the town. Merrell lasts and lasts and lasts, period here

Teva Sports Sandals
We also love our Teva sports sandals. Great for walking around town, on the beach or at home. They are very durable and light. here

For Your Body

Columbia Convertible Hiking Pants
Shorts, pants, quick drying, comfortable, plenty of pockets, good looking.  What more could you want in traveling pants? Lisa T wears these every single day and is ready for anything, anytime here

Unisex Packable Rain Jacket
We stay dry without using up valuable “case space” with this durable rain jacket, and we use it more than we knew we would so we can attest its durability here

Fleece Lined Winter Hoodie
We carry ours around all year waiting for cold temps without taking up valuable packing space. They wear well, are super warm and even superer comfy! here

Columbia Button Down Shirts
We need breathable, durable, washable, decent looking shirts that pack easily and wear well. Columbia has them here here

Microfiber Towel
Our furry splasher always needs to dry off and sometimes we do too. This microfiber towel takes up about as much space as a pair of socks, drys dogs and humans quickly and then dries itself almost as quickly here

For Your Comfort

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow
Travel is just uncomfortable and long trips, doubly so.  Get a good night's (or day's) rest though with this comfortable, easy to tote pillow here

For Your Pup

Bumblebee Dog Collar
Chelsea’s most popular fashion accessory, this collar is made for the long haul, machine washable, and downright precious here

Leather Dog Leash (6ft)
The dog school instructor advised against any material other than leather and we know why; it’s durable, doesn’t burn the hands, and keep Chelsea on a firm hold here

Chelsea needs to stay healthy and gets monthly applications. It’s easy to use. here

Spot Tick Spray
Frontline is not always enough. This helps a LOT and she gets an every other day application when we’re near woods here

Silicone Collapsible Travel Bowls
Those cloth things are clumsy and stay wet. These don’t and pack completely flat; we wouldn’t use anything else and Chelsea loves them here

Doggy Toothbrush & Toothpaste Kit
You may not think their oral health is important but oral and liver disease in dogs is a serious matter. Chelsea get a daily brushing alongside us with this here

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

These are just as important as anything we carry for Chelsea. Get your supply here


For Your Ears

Year of Wonder- Clemency Burton-Hill
365 short classical pieces with wonderful explanations for your daily dose of culture here

Hearts Broken, Heads Turned- Jarlath Henderson
An album of Irishness that is way cooler that you can imagine, updated reels and jigs by a top-flight musician here

The Lost Songs of Kilda- Trevor Morrison
Lost until Trevor Morrison sat down at a piano in an Edinburgh nursing home and began to play, these songs will haunt you with their simplicity and beauty, and the story of how they came to be is nothing short of a miracle here

The Little Match Girl Passion- David Lang
Choral music as beautiful as it is austere, as elegant as it is plain here

Symbiosis II- Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton
The bagpiper and the tin whistler got together (again) and made an eargasmic little album here

High As Hope- Florence + the Machine
It's Florence, it's the Machine, need we say more?  Music's current diva is out with her latest and it's a doozy here

In My Room- Jacob Collier
Ridiculously talented, this 20-something "kid" has a musical maturity many retired musicians never will.  He's incredible here

Pursuit with Purpose- Melyssa Griffin
This podcast is honest, uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational from a person who is honest, uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational click here to listen

Wande- Samba Toure
Malian trance guitar at its best, it's currently the number 1 transglobal LP in the world here

Serial- Sarah Koenig
The world’s number 1 podcast is always a joy to listen to. Season 3 is out and Seasons 1 & 2 are still worth a rerun or fresh listen click here to listen

For Your Eyes

Year of Wonder- Clemency Burton-Hill
365 short classical pieces with wonderful explanations for your daily dose of culture here

Pictures to Tell a Story of Our Time in Poetry and Paint- Claire Pinney
Our friend Claire has written (and drawn) a small, witty little masterpiece about life here

The Year of Living Danishly- Helen Russell
Why are the Danish so much happier than the rest of us?  Russell spent a year there learning the secret to "hygge" here

The Power of Now- Ekhart Tolle
It's actually all we have, Now, and Tolle gives beautiful instruction on how to embrace it and usher in a much more fulfilling life in the process here

From the Holy Mountain- William Dalrymple
Setting off to retrace the pilgrimage of 6th century monks, the author and his guide find, spiritual, historical, and political adventures in this must-read here

Vanilla Beans & Brodo- Isabella Dusi
Lose yourself in Tuscany's rich history and culture with this fun read here UK/here US

McCarthy's Bar- Pete McCarthy
Never pass a bar with your name on it, the author warns in this hilarious recounting of his travels through the West Coast of Ireland in search of his past here UK/here US

The Importance of Being Seven- Alexander McCall
Book number 6 in the series focuses on inhabitants over the years at a fictional address in Edinburgh here UK/here US

Vienna Tales- Translated by Deborah Holmes
Tales and accompanying photos of one of Europe’s richest cultural cities, well worth a read  here UK/here US

Other Cool Stuff

For Your Travel Comfort

AirBnB £25 off Next Booking (or currency equivalent)
Our booking of choice for long or short term self-catering homes all over the world. Join and enjoy the world as a local Get your discount here

Booking.com £15 off Next Booking (or currency equivalent)
For shorter term bookings, we go here, and the selection and location has never let us down Get your discount here

Organic Mosquito Spray
It’s difficult to plan to be bitten…until you’re bitten and then it’s the only thing on your mind. Here, we can help before you’re eaten alive, in a convenient travel size here

Badger Sunscreen Stick
Lotion just goes everywhere and if it’s not sealed, it’s all over your luggage. We solved that and stayed unburned with this handy little travel stick that does the job and fits easily in your toiletry bag here

For Your Entertainment/Education

Pimsleur Language Courses
We learned how to get round Europe easily with these excellent training programs. 30 minutes a day and you’ll be speaking like a native in no time! Here are our faves… Italian here Spanish here French here

Playing Cards
Of course you need a deck of cards, actually often you need two. We do not EVER leave the house without cards, EVER here

Our favourite 2-player card game, requiring skill, a little luck, and some good math skills Here's an introduction

Travel Backgammon
We love games! Backgammon is one of our favourites and this packable table & pieces fits our backpacks perfectly here

For Your Belly

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
Homemade, easy and so delicious, we humans steal a few now and then.  Healthy dog treats Here's an easy recipe

"Cream slice" in Slovenian, this national cake is as good as it translates, creamy, vanilla goodness in every bite, and easy to make Here's a recipe

Yeti Travel Tumblers
The problem is I like my hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, Chelsea likes to go for a walk right away. We can do both with the Yeti, a bundle of lightweight miracle here

Aperol Spritz
The Italians know how to eat and they know how to make a great aperitivo. We segue into the dinner hour routinely with these delicious spritz’s and you can too Here's an easy recipe

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